There are some people who adamantly claim that Mother Nature plays her sweetest tune in the month of June, and if you’ve ever spent any time in the Rocky Mountains during June, it’s tough not to agree. Blue skies, cool breezes, blooming flowers, and more daylight than you know what to do with make June primetime to be outdoors and active. With that said, it’s already been a scorcher of a spring in the West, and temperatures are only jumping higher and higher as summer grows nearer and nearer.

February is heart month and what better way to celebrate than with a heart healthy recipe full of protein, fiber, color with lots of flavor! My, Beautiful Salad is a perfect way to couple earthy whole grains with crispy lettuce and colorful vegetables. It has a wonderful flavor and looks beautiful when prepared.

Flu season is here. Outside of popping vitamin c, eating your vegetables and staying active with regular exercise, is there anything else you can do to keep healthy, staving off illness?

Yes there is!

Preparing meals with health-boosting ingredients can provide you with extra minerals and vitamins that you may otherwise miss out on, strengthening your immune system and in turn defending your body against viral invaders.

New England is known for its clam chowder, fresh seafood, and of course, Boston cream pie. Did you know Boston cream pie is not really a pie, but a cake?In 1855, a Chef at the Parker House Hotel in Boston topped off an English cream cake with chocolate frosting. Thus, the Boston cream pie was born. The dessert came to be known as a pie as it was baked and served from a metal baking tin. The Boston cream pie is now named in The Massachusetts’s law books as the official dessert of the State.

It is that time of year already. At the start of the New Year, we tend to reflect on how we want or need to improve and start lists of resolutions for the year to come.

Most chili recipes require you to spend your entire day simmering and stirring. Making chili using this traditional method produces amazing results, but it can be limiting if you don’t have an entire day to spend cooking. 

Need a quick chili recipe with the same rich flavors as one cooked all day? Try my 30-Minute Chili. It’s perfect after a long day of work or on a busy weekend. What’s the secret to thickening the chili in such a short period of time? I use a skillet rather than a saucepan. 

M’m! M’m! good! as the saying goes. Soup is the soul of good food, so good that Campbell’s Soup made this saying a registered trademark statement®. We have created an entire section on soups in our cookbook, Cooking with Heart. It seems that just about every ethnic group has a heritage soup from mulligatawny soup of southern India to tortilla soup from Mexico. Soup is warm, friendly, family cozy, filling, easy to make, and even with healing properties, i.e. chicken noodle soup.

Thanksgiving is almost here! Time to enjoy the indulgences of delicious, homemade but healthy cooking.

Last week I shared one of my unique recipes that doesn’t require pots or pans – it uses paper instead! Parchment cooking helps food maintain its moisture while providing easy clean up. Remember, food will cook faster and still can brown if the temperature is high enough.

The French call it, en papillote – a technique of baking food encased in parchment paper. Unlike parchment paper used for writing (which is not actually made from paper), parchment paper sold for kitchen use is treated with sulfuric acid. The process creates a surface that is sleek, smooth and impervious to oil and moisture. It is also resistant to heat up to 425°F, according to, a manufacturer of parchment products. In the final process, a silicone coating is added that creates a further non-stick surface.

As the weather continues to get colder and fall sets in, many people begin to crave warm, hearty comfort food. Want to find a way to satisfy your craving while maintaining a heart-healthy diet? Try my Cuban Black Bean Soup. It’s a fantastic meal for cold, autumn evenings.