Recent Recipes

Very Berry Salad

Two Color Chilled Melon Soup

My chilled melon soup is artistic and flavorful. The green color of the honeydew against the orange of the cantaloupe-mango will have your family, friends and guests asking how you did it. Do not tell them the secret. Pastis {pas-TEES} is a French licorice-flavored aperitif similar to Pernod. Just a hint will bring out the flavors of the melon with the slow, late hit of the licorice. This soup is best well chilled.

Pasta Melon Shrimp Salad

This recipe is Mediterranean cooking at its best. Mediterranean cuisine is simply never having a breakfast without fruit and a meal without vegetables. The salad is definitely for spring or summer. The peppery, mustard taste of the arugula adds flavor to the pasta base. The citrus flavors with melon and basil are artistic fireworks on the palate. Citrus, vinegar and olive oil are a combination that is heaven in a dish. Enjoy the freshness.

Chilled Lemon Ginger Tuna Pasta Salad

Need a quick summer salad? Try my Chilled Lemon Ginger Tuna Pasta Salad! It only takes 20 minutes to prepare and is full of healthy, guilt-free ingredients.

The lemon grass and ginger from Gourmet Gardens™ produce a lovely flavor. The recipe does not need salt since the fresh, delicious flavors from Gourmet Garden™ herbs reduce the need for excess fat and salt.

The recipe is loaded with healthy ingredients including the pasta. Dreamfields’ rotini (my favorite pasta for chilled salads) has a low glycemic index with reduced, useable carbohydrates; plus, it is a great source of fiber.

Now, don’t panic, the tuna is cooked fresh. Believe me, it makes a huge difference. Canned tuna is an option, but as soon as the pasta is cooked the fresh tuna is ready too. It is that simple. Plus, the fishy taste is removed, unlike canned tuna.

Finally, the base is not your typical mayonnaise but is Greek yogurt. The protein content is brought up a notch with no added fats.

Italian Herb Spinach Artichoke Spaghetti Frittata

This fabulous recipe combines some of my favorite ingredients: Italian herbs and pasta.

The Gourmet Garden™ herb blends create a truly Mediterranean flavor that makes this dish something you’ll crave. Their blends have a fabulous aroma and taste without adding extra fat or calories.

Dreamfields spaghetti is a unique pasta creation. It has a lower glycemic index (the ability to raise blood sugar) with less useable carbohydrates and greater fiber.

The recipe is very low in cholesterol with the yellow color of coming from roasted yellow bell pepper instead of egg yolks. You will never miss the fat and cholesterol from the yolks.

It is best cooked in a frittata pan. You can also use two pans placed on top of each other. An average guy would use duct tape to secure the handles. This allows the “omelet” to be flipped completely, creating a crusty layer on each side.


The Carrot Dog

While not a Chicago Dog, the Carrot Dog has all the characteristics of a hot dog without the cholesterol, fat, unknown meat derivatives and nitrites. It’s fun on a bun!

The Buffalo Blue Burger

The problem with using buffalo meat for a burger is because it is leaner, it will dry out a bit on the grill. This alternative burger adds a soy binder to hold the lean buffalo meat together; the moisture of the soy product keeps the burger flavorful and moist. The secret to a moist, delicious burger is to hydrate it while it cooks. Fill a spray bottle with organic vegetable broth and spray, as necessary, to keep the burger moist. The addition of soy has also been shown to reduce the absorption of cholesterol.

Healthy Meat Marinade

This marinade reduces the carcinogenic effects of meat grilled at high temperature. The original version of the recipe was discovered by a researcher at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California who noticed that the marinade at a church picnic significantly reduced cancer-forming agents on the meat. You must use all seven ingredients. In addition, with lower-fat meats, such as center-cut pork chops, tenderloin or buffalo, the marinade keeps the meat tender and juicy.

Guiltless Potato Chips

The South Denver Omelet

The delicious South Denver Omelet is cholesterol free and lower in fat – especially saturated fat – by nearly 75%, yet it maintains the protein level and the wonderful smoky ranch flavors of a traditional Denver omelet. Note: You can replace the veggie bacon with smoked salmon or lean Canadian bacon.