Recipes: Soups

Cream of Any Vegetable Soup

This soup base has fewer calories and less fat than most cream soup bases. And it helps lower your cholesterol, too. Use this creamy soup base to make any vegetable soup in season. Use your imagination; it can be served hot or cold.

French Onion Soup

Is French Onion soup really French? Food historians report that King Louis XV was the first to create onion soup. The king’s chef, rather than wasting a great bottle of champagne just because it was flat, added onions to it and thus French onion soup was born.  Today, however, French onion soup is usually made with a beef stock, onions and selected spices. The flavor of French onion soup is spectacular and the recipes can be quite varied except for two basics – quality sautéed onions and broth and French bread with melted cheese. This recipe duplicates the flavor without a beef stock.

Two Color Chilled Melon Soup

My chilled melon soup is artistic and flavorful. The green color of the honeydew against the orange of the cantaloupe-mango will have your family, friends and guests asking how you did it. Do not tell them the secret. Pastis {pas-TEES} is a French licorice-flavored aperitif similar to Pernod. Just a hint will bring out the flavors of the melon with the slow, late hit of the licorice. This soup is best well chilled.