Recipes: Entrées – Fish

Salmon in a Pouch

I love using this recipe when I have a few friends over because the cooking time is reduced with pouch cooking. Cooking in a pouch means a quick cook time and easy clean up. It also helps keep food moist. Because the recipe is easy to modify for one or several people, try it out for easy entertaining or for a quick dinner.

Chilled Lemon Ginger Tuna Pasta Salad

Need a quick summer salad? Try my Chilled Lemon Ginger Tuna Pasta Salad! It only takes 20 minutes to prepare and is full of healthy, guilt-free ingredients.

The lemon grass and ginger from Gourmet Gardens™ produce a lovely flavor. The recipe does not need salt since the fresh, delicious flavors from Gourmet Garden™ herbs reduce the need for excess fat and salt.

The recipe is loaded with healthy ingredients including the pasta. Dreamfields’ rotini (my favorite pasta for chilled salads) has a low glycemic index with reduced, useable carbohydrates; plus, it is a great source of fiber.

Now, don’t panic, the tuna is cooked fresh. Believe me, it makes a huge difference. Canned tuna is an option, but as soon as the pasta is cooked the fresh tuna is ready too. It is that simple. Plus, the fishy taste is removed, unlike canned tuna.

Finally, the base is not your typical mayonnaise but is Greek yogurt. The protein content is brought up a notch with no added fats.

Roasted Maple Salmon

This is my favorite salmon recipe, and it’s “soy” easy to make. This is truly a crowdpleaser, with the sweetness of the maple sugar and the saltiness of soy sauce to balance the sweetness.