Recipes: Entrées – Beef & Bison

30-Minute Chili

Need a quick chili recipe with rich flavors? This great Sunday night chili can be made with ground turkey, lean hamburger such as buffalo, or vegetarian-style using “meatless” burgers. Spice it up with fire-roasted tomatoes. For an alcohol-free chili, substitute nonalcoholic beer or vegetable broth in the same volume amounts. The secret to thickening the chili is using a skillet, rather than a saucepan.

The Buffalo Blue Burger

The problem with using buffalo meat for a burger is because it is leaner, it will dry out a bit on the grill. This alternative burger adds a soy binder to hold the lean buffalo meat together; the moisture of the soy product keeps the burger flavorful and moist. The secret to a moist, delicious burger is to hydrate it while it cooks. Fill a spray bottle with organic vegetable broth and spray, as necessary, to keep the burger moist. The addition of soy has also been shown to reduce the absorption of cholesterol.

Healthy Meat Marinade

This marinade reduces the carcinogenic effects of meat grilled at high temperature. The original version of the recipe was discovered by a researcher at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California who noticed that the marinade at a church picnic significantly reduced cancer-forming agents on the meat. You must use all seven ingredients. In addition, with lower-fat meats, such as center-cut pork chops, tenderloin or buffalo, the marinade keeps the meat tender and juicy.