Meet the Cooking Cardiologist

Who is Dr. Collins?

Richard Collins, MD, FACC (a.k.a. The Cooking Cardiologist) teaches people to cook for a long, delicious life. He believes that everyone—regardless of illness or wellness—should enjoy their food, enjoy their lifestyle and take care of their bodies so they live as long as possible.

As Medical Director of the Heart Disease Reversal and Prevention Program in Omaha, Neb. during the 1990s, Dr. Collins began experimenting with teaching patients how to make the foods they eat healthier—while maintaining the taste they love. While continuing to practice cardiology, Dr. Collins began learning traditional and new cooking techniques, exploring the world for ingredients to boost flavor, and formulating recipes and demonstrations to help his patients be healthier and get more from life.

Dr. Collins maintains that heart patients, people at risk for heart disease, and Americans in general fail to maintain healthy diets, healthy bodies and healthy outlooks for a number of reasons. He works to create:

  • Clinical education that prepares people to cook in their own kitchens on their own schedules.
  • Recipes, foods and techniques that leave people feeling satisfied—even indulged!
  • Articles, demonstrations and cookbooks that go beyond WHAT to eat and address HOW to cook.
  • A culture of awareness and appreciation at the table.

Over the years, Dr. Collins’s audience has shifted from people who have already had a cardiac event to people who want to prevent one—a heartening trend, and one that Dr. Collins hopes to perpetuate through a combination of positive reinforcement, entertaining antics and tantalizing cuisine.

Dr. Collins and his wife make their home in Denver. He remains one of the practicing cardiologists at South Denver Cardiology Associates, PC in Littleton.