Cardiologist Notes

Know Your Numbers

Each year, more than a billion cholesterol measurements are made in America, but only a handful of people can recall their actual numbers. 

And of course, new cholesterol guidelines are about to be released, which makes it even more confusing to patients who are trying to reduce cholesterol levels.

Right now, let’s follow the basic rule of thumb: lower is better.

I am often asked by my patients, “Which one is the bad one, again?” And the answer is always LDL.

Gut Check Time!


As we embark upon February, also known as Heart Month, I will be posting helpful tips and recipes as always.


Today, I am focusing on your gut and girth control. Recent studies confirm that fat around the waist is an indicator for an increased risk of diabetes and other health ailments.


So, let’s focus on your belly and figure out where you stand.


Heart Healthy Line Up!

We’re in the kitchen this week gearing up for a heart healthy Super Bowl weekend. 

Look for this week’s recipes featuring a heart healthy version of Baltimore Berger Cookies versus San Francisco Caramel Ghirardelli Sourdough Bread Pudding. 

Last year, everyone loved the New York Cheesecake vs the Boston Creme Pie…New York won!

Who will win this year? You decide! 

Cook well, live long. 

- Dr. Collins

Pressed for Time? Go COBB!



The other day we had a few ingredients left over in the refrigerator. Recalling a phrase that one of my daughters uses, she does not call these “left overs”, but a new term which we use now at home as, ”must goes.” Clearly that’s a much more positive way to think of ingredients that are about to turn - they must go!  


WSJ Kale Salad with a Caper Dressing



This salad caught my attention while reading a recent Saturday Edition of the Wall Street Journal, which features an interesting recipe each week from global chefs. The focus of this recipe is kale, which is packed with vitamins.

The Solution to Resolutions


A Healthy and Realistic Approach to Ensure Your Intentions are Year Round, by Dr. Richard E. Collins 

Now that the ‘New Year’ is officially here, let’s take a moment for reflection on some of those resolutions you made for 2013. I have been paying close to attention this week to my patients, my family and friends hearing how this is the year they plan to finally lose the weight, exercise more, save money or start eating with wellness

No Bake Santa Cookies


Happy Holidays from The Cooking Cardiologist! Wishing you health and happiness this season. 

Let’s say it’s 8 o’clock in the evening and in the rush, you forget that your children or grandchildren want to leave Santa something for the morning or maybe friends or relatives arrive unexpectedly. No problem, these no bake holiday cookies are easy to make in a pinch, just in time for the holidays.

Jammin' the Blues!


Homemade Blueberry Chia Jam

When you combine fresh blueberries and the ancient seeds known as chia, you get a powerhouse full of flavor packed with rich antioxidant properties. This homemade blueberry chia jam not only tastes great, but also is good for you.

Recently I have been adding chia seeds to recipes because chia is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to being high in fiber it’s loaded with other nutrients such as calcium and magnesium.

Holiday Tips: Cooking with Awareness


The holidays are about to kick off in full swing this weekend with holiday cocktail parties, dinners and gatherings with friends, families and co-workers. Like you, I have many parties to attend to in the upcoming month and so many wonderful things to celebrate this year.

Gingered Chocolate Pomegranate Bark

Here is a great fall treat. The bark is loaded with rich anti-oxidants for your heart. Think of these ingredients as little tiny scrubbers for your arteries…chocolate, ginger and rich colorful pomegranate seeds. This bark is so simple to make and it is perfect for a holiday party or as a hostess gift. Be sure to use a rich dark chocolate, at least 60% cacao. Avoid using white chocolate. In fact, it really isn’t chocolate at all and white chocolate does not have any anti-oxidant properties.

Be sure to keep checking back for new blog posts with delicious, heart-healthy recipes!