Superbowl XLVI: Boston Cream Pie vs. New York Cheesecake

New England is known for its clam chowder, fresh seafood, and of course, Boston cream pie. Did you know Boston cream pie is not really a pie, but a cake?In 1855, a Chef at the Parker House Hotel in Boston topped off an English cream cake with chocolate frosting. Thus, the Boston cream pie was born. The dessert came to be known as a pie as it was baked and served from a metal baking tin. The Boston cream pie is now named in The Massachusetts’s law books as the official dessert of the State.

Boston’s neighbor to the West, New York, with its New York-style cheesecake, has come up with a rich confection that is a spinoff of many different cheesecake recipes from across the globe. Italians use ricotta cheese to prepare their cheesecake, in France, they mix in grainy Neufchatel cheese from Normandy, and in England, un-baked cream cheese is the main ingredient for the dish with fruit flavors and gelatin added later to firm the filling. New York style cheesecake is distinctive from the rest as it combines cream cheese, eggs, sugar and sometimes cottage cheese. NYC’s recipe is a true amalgamation of many cultures – just like the city itself!

For this taste-off, I have modified both desserts to make them more heart healthy, by using reduced fat ingredients. A word to the wise: don’t expect a totally fat-free, sugar-free cheesecake or Boston cream pie to taste like the original. Only minute changes should be made in order to ensure the correct taste and consistency needed to produce a delectable dessert. You will notice several small changes in the recipes below that will help to yield lighter desserts – with all the flavor of their full-fat cousins.

May the best taste (and team) win!