Going Garbanzo Beans This Week!

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Known by several names…chickpea, cece, Bengal gram or garbanzo, this legume is the most versatile bean used in many cultures. It is protein rich, full of fiber and a good source of potassium, magnesium and folate…perfect for cardiovascular health. This legume is low glycemic (won’t raise blood sugar) and has been shown to lower cholesterol.

Garbanzo beans need to be soaked first and then cooked. Overnight soaking shortens the simmering time by ½. 1 cup of dried garbanzo beans will equal approximately 2 ½ cups cooked beans. In general, for every 1 cup of beans, add three cups for soaking. After soaking, rinse and simmer with 3 cups of fresh water for every one cup of beans. This method will require 1-2 hours of simmering. I cook my garbanzo beans in a pressure cooker. This shortens the cooking time to 12 minutes. If you have not tried cooking from dried beans, give it a try and compare the taste difference with canned beans. Canned garbanzo beans are OK as long as they are organic and packed without added salt.

Look for new recipes this week that I know you will enjoy from a snack, appetizer dip to my favorite, lemon bars. People just won’t believe that a dessert can be made from beans. Cook Well, Live Long! - Dr. Collins

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