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Get keen for quinoa!

Not keen for quinoa? Kale makes you pale when it’s dished up on your plate?

One Scan. One Heart. One Life!

We’re talking heart scans this week. Learn how one important scan, could be life saving:

Heart-Healthy "Guy-Food" Recipes

Special thanks to for featuring four of my heart-healthy recipes in their recipe round-up today. Check out for more on the story and ways to include leaner meats, healthier fats and omega 3s to your dinner routine.  Cook well, live long! 



Know Your Numbers

Each year, more than a billion cholesterol measurements are made in America, but only a handful of people can recall their actual numbers. 

And of course, new cholesterol guidelines are about to be released, which makes it even more confusing to patients who are trying to reduce cholesterol levels.

Right now, let’s follow the basic rule of thumb: lower is better.

I am often asked by my patients, “Which one is the bad one, again?” And the answer is always LDL.

Gut Check Time!


As we embark upon February, also known as Heart Month, I will be posting helpful tips and recipes as always.


Today, I am focusing on your gut and girth control. Recent studies confirm that fat around the waist is an indicator for an increased risk of diabetes and other health ailments.


So, let’s focus on your belly and figure out where you stand.


Heart Healthy Line Up!

We’re in the kitchen this week gearing up for a heart healthy Super Bowl weekend. 

Look for this week’s recipes featuring a heart healthy version of Baltimore Berger Cookies versus San Francisco Caramel Ghirardelli Sourdough Bread Pudding. 

Last year, everyone loved the New York Cheesecake vs the Boston Creme Pie…New York won!

Who will win this year? You decide! 

Cook well, live long. 

- Dr. Collins

The double-edged sword of red wine’s health benefits

A lot of research has been conducted on the health benefits and health risks of wine, in particular red wine. The challenge with associating health benefits to alcohol is that there is always a risk of overconsumption, which brings with it significant health risks. Like anything, used in moderation, red wine can be good for you, but how good is still under debate.

It’s Peach Season, and That’s Good for Your Health

Fresh summer peaches are all around our farmers’ markets and produce sections. And this is very good for all of us. Peaches contain just 68 calories and zero fat. Plus they are naturally high in vital nutrients such as calcium, niacin, potassium, and thiamine.

The South Denver Omelet — A Healthy Breakfast with Eggs

Recently I was interviewed on iHeart Radio about a recent report linking eggs to plaque build up in the arteries. The biggest problem with eggs is cholesterol. And one egg yolk has about 180mg of cholesterol, which is about 90% of the recommended daily allowance for anybody with heart disease (according to the American Heart Association).

This Organic Gazpacho Delivers a Cool Crunchy Treat

Recently I showcased a couple of light and spicy gazpacho recipes on the CW2 Daybreak morning show. Gazpacho is a chilled soup that is light and lively, and a delicious was to cool down on a warm summer afternoon.