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You Know the Drill: Be Safe When You Grill!

When the sun is dipping below the western horizon and a cool breeze is whistling through the trees, there’s really nothing better than biting into something that’s fresh off the grill. Burgers, brats, steaks, lamb chops, salmon, vegetables, fruit – you name it, they all are tasty titans of summer cuisine. As the temperature outside goes up, so do the flames of grills on patios all over the country. Grills are universally popular for their practicality, their versatility, and the distinctly roasted flavors they are able to bring out of meats, vegetables, and fruits.

Hiking and Grilling Trout: The Perfect Heart-Wise Summer Combo

Hiking and Grilling Trout: The Perfect Heart-Wise Summer Combo

Summer is here! That means it is time to get outside, fire up those grills, and get ready for a season of grilling all kinds of delectable creations (and you might have guessed that I prefer those creations that are full of fresh vegetables and fresh fish).  Always remember to maker sure your grill is ready for the season, and you can do this by following my healthy grilling tips.

Peanuts and Peppers: A Sweet Heat

When warm spring days roll around, that’s the perfect time to heat up the grill and roast some peppers.  The beauty of roasting jalapenos is that the process of roasting tames the intensity of the pepper’s heat without diminishing its flavor.

Use These Tools to Make Savory Meals – While Eliminating Fat

In this country, we are hard on our food.

We want it fast, fried or flame-broiled. Outside of America, such as in Europe, cooking techniques are gentler and focus on maintaining the inherent qualities of the ingredients in a recipe.  Poaching, slow cooking, steaming, baking and simmering are commonly-used techniques that preserve both the flavor and health benefits of food, and are easily to employ, given the right tools. I often say that we should eat with awareness, but more importantly, we should cook with attentiveness.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Apple Tart En Pappillote

Thanksgiving is almost here! Time to enjoy the indulgences of delicious, homemade but healthy cooking.

Last week I shared one of my unique recipes that doesn’t require pots or pans – it uses paper instead! Parchment cooking helps food maintain its moisture while providing easy clean up. Remember, food will cook faster and still can brown if the temperature is high enough.

Cooking with Paper

The French call it, en papillote – a technique of baking food encased in parchment paper. Unlike parchment paper used for writing (which is not actually made from paper), parchment paper sold for kitchen use is treated with sulfuric acid. The process creates a surface that is sleek, smooth and impervious to oil and moisture. It is also resistant to heat up to 425°F, according to, a manufacturer of parchment products. In the final process, a silicone coating is added that creates a further non-stick surface.

Stressed out? No time for cooking? Then, it is time to cook under pressure!

What do you do when you get home from a busy day and don’t have hours to prepare a meal? Order in? Eat out? Instead of these typical, less-healthy options, try cooking under pressure. Pressure cooking is efficient, reduces energy, shortens cooking time and creates less stress in the kitchen. The newer pressure cookers are not your mother’s model.

Every Kitchen Needs a Mandoline Slicer

I love kitchen gadgets that make my life easier. A mandoline slicer is one of those tools. It’s the right tool for certain jobs – namely, whenever you need to create a lot of uniform slices of fruits or vegetables in a short time.

Contemplating Chuck Wagon Cooking - Then and Now

Bring on the old days of Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger and the Cisco Kid. What ever happened to their colorful sidekicks such as Gabby Hayes and Festus? You remember those characters: the feisty cook, the reticent wrangler or the all-around handy cowboy who supported the leading man.

In movies and TV, the camp cooks were often called “cookie” (for obvious reasons), but real cowboys used other terms, too: bean wrangler, dough pincher, pot wrassler, bean master, biscuit shooter, dough belly and belly cheater, to name a few.

Phoenix Food Demo Featured Frittata – and More

Dr. Richard Collins - The Cooking Cardiologist

What an experience I had conducting a cooking demonstration at a Sears Appliance Store in Phoenix, Arizona! Here are the highlights of my adventure.