Posts from September 2012

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The double-edged sword of red wine’s health benefits

A lot of research has been conducted on the health benefits and health risks of wine, in particular red wine. The challenge with associating health benefits to alcohol is that there is always a risk of overconsumption, which brings with it significant health risks. Like anything, used in moderation, red wine can be good for you, but how good is still under debate.

Wake up your meals with a tangy Citrus Salsa

Salsa can take many different forms, and in Latin countries, it often does. South of the border you can find salsa made from mangoes, peanuts, tomatillos, all kinds of chile peppers (from chipotle to habanera chilies), and avocado. Salsa has been around since the time of the Aztecs. The Aztecs were the first to cultivate the avocado, and used it in a sauce that was very similar to guacamole.

It’s Peach Season, and That’s Good for Your Health

Fresh summer peaches are all around our farmers’ markets and produce sections. And this is very good for all of us. Peaches contain just 68 calories and zero fat. Plus they are naturally high in vital nutrients such as calcium, niacin, potassium, and thiamine.

The South Denver Omelet — A Healthy Breakfast with Eggs

Recently I was interviewed on iHeart Radio about a recent report linking eggs to plaque build up in the arteries. The biggest problem with eggs is cholesterol. And one egg yolk has about 180mg of cholesterol, which is about 90% of the recommended daily allowance for anybody with heart disease (according to the American Heart Association).