Posts from August 2012

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The Proof is in the Pudding

It’s no secret that eating a good breakfast is a blueprint for a productive and energetic day. You munch on a healthy meal to start the day and you immediately shift your mind and your body from park into third gear. An early morning tango with some whole grains, protein, and fruit will give you the nutrients and nourishment to keep your energy levels dancing like a ballerina on a bed of hot coals!

A Grab-and-Go Breakfast to Power You Through the Day

According to national statistics, approximately 8 to 12 percent of all school-aged children skip breakfast. By the time kids enter adolescence, as many as 20 to 30 percent have completely given up the most important meal of the day. There are many reasons this happens, and most of the reasons deal with sleep deprivation.

Eggcellent Breakfast Sandwiches

A good breakfast sandwich can bring a heavyweight-boxing champion’s punch to the bleary-eyed fog of the early morning hours. Sometimes there’s nothing better for getting a little pep in your step than munching on something that is savory and substantial. While high-fiber recipes like last week’s Almond Breakfast Pudding are very filling and loaded with nutrients and health benefits, sometimes you want to start the morning off by munching on something with a little more gravity in its bite.

This Organic Gazpacho Delivers a Cool Crunchy Treat

Recently I showcased a couple of light and spicy gazpacho recipes on the CW2 Daybreak morning show. Gazpacho is a chilled soup that is light and lively, and a delicious was to cool down on a warm summer afternoon.

This Gazpacho Beats the Heat with Fruit and Vegetables

Recently I showcased a couple of light and spicy recipes on the CW2 Daybreak morning show. They combine classic Spanish gazpacho with new twists to create light, yet lively dishes that are delicious ways to cool down on warm summer afternoons.