Posts from July 2012

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Adding Some Flavor to your Fiesta!

Do you remember the game where you pick four people – living or historical figures – and invite them to your dinner party? Usually, the question that most people stumble over concerns which four individuals they would pick. But let’s say you have Pablo Picasso, Cleopatra, Mark Twain, and Muhammad Ali together at your dinner table. What type of food are you serving them? What masterpiece of a meal are you going to cook up to dazzle the palates of Ray Charles, Alexander the Great, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Groucho Marx?

You Know the Drill: Be Safe When You Grill!

When the sun is dipping below the western horizon and a cool breeze is whistling through the trees, there’s really nothing better than biting into something that’s fresh off the grill. Burgers, brats, steaks, lamb chops, salmon, vegetables, fruit – you name it, they all are tasty titans of summer cuisine. As the temperature outside goes up, so do the flames of grills on patios all over the country. Grills are universally popular for their practicality, their versatility, and the distinctly roasted flavors they are able to bring out of meats, vegetables, and fruits.

Hitting the Trails

Escaping to the great outdoors at the blink of an eye is truly one of the most wonderful advantages of living in the Rocky Mountain region. Pristine peaks, bubbling creeks, peaceful lakes, abundant flowers and wildlife, cool air – the Rockies are truly a hiker’s paradise, and taking some time to step away into nature is one of the best ways to spend a summer day. No matter what region of the country – or the world – you hail from, summertime is prime time for hiking and backpacking.

Dessert for a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Some of the gifts summer bestows upon us are truly magnificent. Warm weather, sunny skies, gold mines of daylight, outdoor adventures, cascades of color, and cuisine so delicious that you’d go to the moon and back just for a taste. Flowers smell their sweetest, trees shine their greenest…and dessert tastes its divinest! Take a moment and think about it – what’s better than losing yourself in the warm breeze of a summer evening under the stars with good company? How about losing yourself in a savory spoonful of frozen yogurt under the stars with good company!