Posts from June 2012

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Sensational Summer Smoothies

Smoothies are every bit as much a part of summer as sunshine, cookouts, and mowing the lawn. Jam-packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and a supernova explosion of sweetness and diverse taste, smoothies take the blue ribbon for refreshing snacks to beat the summer heat. Nutritious with a boundless constellation of fruity flavor – what’s not to love? Unfortunately, not all smoothies are created equal. While the dense concentration of fruits and their respective nutrients may sound like a straight avenue to a healthy snack, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Ask the Cooking Cardiologist: Fishing for Answers About Fish Oil

Steven from Colorado asks the Cooking Cardiologist:

I am a recently diagnosed 60 year-old who has been taking 1 gram of fish oil for the past 4 years. It really has helped control my cholesterol and other lipids. I am also on 2 meds for hypertension and now metformin for diabetes. Recently, my Doctor told me to start a low dose aspirin (81mg) daily to prevent heart attack and stroke. My question: can I safely continue taking the fish oil 800mg Omega3’s (400epa, 300dha, 100 other omega3’s) along with the aspirin? Is fish oil a blood thinner too?

Watermelon and Shrimp - The Unlikely Dynamic Duo

Sometimes in the culinary world, taking a few steps off the beaten path and combining curious ingredients can unlock some exceptionally edible enigmas. When it comes to creating food dishes, occasionally square pegs will fit in round holes and pigs will grow wings and fly. Combinations like strawberries and black pepper, chocolate and chili, or peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches, sound like recipes for disaster at first glance – but they are actually delectable dynamite when they are put into practice.

Shake Up Your Summer and Pump Up the Protein!

There are some people who adamantly claim that Mother Nature plays her sweetest tune in the month of June, and if you’ve ever spent any time in the Rocky Mountains during June, it’s tough not to agree. Blue skies, cool breezes, blooming flowers, and more daylight than you know what to do with make June primetime to be outdoors and active. With that said, it’s already been a scorcher of a spring in the West, and temperatures are only jumping higher and higher as summer grows nearer and nearer.

Hiking and Grilling Trout: The Perfect Heart-Wise Summer Combo

Hiking and Grilling Trout: The Perfect Heart-Wise Summer Combo

Summer is here! That means it is time to get outside, fire up those grills, and get ready for a season of grilling all kinds of delectable creations (and you might have guessed that I prefer those creations that are full of fresh vegetables and fresh fish).  Always remember to maker sure your grill is ready for the season, and you can do this by following my healthy grilling tips.