Posts from May 2012

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Avocado: A Bad Boy Turns Good

Avocados were once securely on the list of foods to avoid just because of their fat content, but new research has shown that the green cream of the avocado is chock full of good fat. Which is good news for everybody who loves his or her guacamole (for those who don’t know, guacamole — pronounced gwah-kah-MOH-lee—is a traditional Mexican dip and garnish featuring avocados and salsa, and sometimes sour cream). On the grill, avocado takes on a delicious smoky flavor, making it a savory appetizer.

Peanuts and Peppers: A Sweet Heat

When warm spring days roll around, that’s the perfect time to heat up the grill and roast some peppers.  The beauty of roasting jalapenos is that the process of roasting tames the intensity of the pepper’s heat without diminishing its flavor.

As Good for My Heart as Yours

Megan from Des Moines writes:

I am a third year osteopathic medical student at Des Moines University.  I have been admiring your blog (and enjoying your recipes- two-minute pizza is a lifesaver on a medical student’s schedule!) for a while now and have recommended it to classmates, family members, and a few patients as well.

Adding Polenta to your Palate

What is Polenta? There are several ways to answer that question, but there’s one constant in every answer: Polenta is an awesomely appetizing excuse to try a delicious food that you’ve never eaten before, or maybe that you’ve never even heard of before. Polenta is an Italian dish derived from cornmeal that is boiled to a paste, and then can be served in a variety of ways - ranging from baking the Polenta to frying it.