Posts from April 2012

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Cooking with Chia!

How many of you remember Chia Pets? You know, those silly little clay creatures that sprout plants for their hair and fur. They have always made for the perfect office desk companions, but did you realize that the same seeds that sprouted your Chia Pet could also sprout a healthy addition to your diet? Planting Chia seeds in your diet might even be more fun than planting them in your own Chia Pet!   

Spring, a Time for Salads!

Greetings, friends!

Spring has sprung in the Rocky Mountains, and it’s brought a much-welcomed dose of sunshine into our lives. 

As things begin to green up outdoors, it’s also a great time to green up your own life by mixing some fresh and delicious salad recipes into your diet.

Getting your daily dose of greens will help lead you on a swift path to a healthier heart – and there’s no shortage of options when it comes to keeping things interesting and appetizing.

"Fat Free" vs. "Full Fat" What is the difference?

Question: A nutritionist and a fitness trainer have told me that “full fat” is better for weight loss than “fat free” or “low fat”. What do you think?

Name: Cindy
State: Colorado


This is a very common question among Americans. And no wonder, the store shelves are filled with products labeled low fat it can be confusing and difficult and know which product is really the healthy option.

Freshen Up Your Spring Dish With Fresh Grown Herbs!

I love spring!  It’s a great time to create delicious meals with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course, no meal would be complete without zesty garden fresh herbs.

For those of you who are considering starting an herb garden at home, here are some tips for growing a successful herb garden: