Posts from December 2011

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Healthy Soup Secrets for the New Year

It is that time of year already. At the start of the New Year, we tend to reflect on how we want or need to improve and start lists of resolutions for the year to come.

Does Eating Turkey Really Make You Sleepy?

Feeling sleepy and ready for that nap after your holiday feast?  It is not the L-tryptophan – an amino acid in turkey, which is often blamed for making us feel sleepy.  Serotonin is manufactured in the brain from L-tryptophan and helps to regulate everything from sleep to mood and food intake to pain tolerance.  Low serotonin levels can cause insomnia, depression, food cravings, increased sensitivity to pain and aggressive behavior.  Ironically, eating a protein-rich meal, like turkey, lowers brain serotonin levels while eating carbohydrate-rich foods have the opposite e

Quick, weeknight chili

Most chili recipes require you to spend your entire day simmering and stirring. Making chili using this traditional method produces amazing results, but it can be limiting if you don’t have an entire day to spend cooking. 

Need a quick chili recipe with the same rich flavors as one cooked all day? Try my 30-Minute Chili. It’s perfect after a long day of work or on a busy weekend. What’s the secret to thickening the chili in such a short period of time? I use a skillet rather than a saucepan. 

Soup secrets

Here in Colorado, we’ve had an extremely cold week. It’s the perfect weather for soup. I love to spend some time on the weekend preparing homemade soup. It fills the house with delicious aromas and the flavors are rich and comforting.

Here is my list of do’s, don’ts and other soup secrets:

Soup the season
Soup is always best using vegetables and products peaking at that particular time of the year. Remember, you can freeze most soups, so you can still enjoy them out of their prime season.

Soups On!

M’m! M’m! good! as the saying goes. Soup is the soul of good food, so good that Campbell’s Soup made this saying a registered trademark statement®. We have created an entire section on soups in our cookbook, Cooking with Heart. It seems that just about every ethnic group has a heritage soup from mulligatawny soup of southern India to tortilla soup from Mexico. Soup is warm, friendly, family cozy, filling, easy to make, and even with healing properties, i.e. chicken noodle soup.