Posts from November 2011

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Thanksgiving Survival 101. How Not To Feel Like a Stuffed Turkey at Thanksgiving!

With crisp fall leaves in the air, holiday meal planning is in the forefront of most of our lives.  As well it should be. Food is a wonderful part of our celebration of thanks, family and friends. Such celebrations, however, don’t have to undo all the healthful choices we have been trying to make.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Apple Tart En Pappillote

Thanksgiving is almost here! Time to enjoy the indulgences of delicious, homemade but healthy cooking.

Last week I shared one of my unique recipes that doesn’t require pots or pans – it uses paper instead! Parchment cooking helps food maintain its moisture while providing easy clean up. Remember, food will cook faster and still can brown if the temperature is high enough.

Cooking with Paper

The French call it, en papillote – a technique of baking food encased in parchment paper. Unlike parchment paper used for writing (which is not actually made from paper), parchment paper sold for kitchen use is treated with sulfuric acid. The process creates a surface that is sleek, smooth and impervious to oil and moisture. It is also resistant to heat up to 425°F, according to, a manufacturer of parchment products. In the final process, a silicone coating is added that creates a further non-stick surface.

Cholesterol Management

Most people wait to address heart health issues until they are around the age of 40 –when the risk of heart attack and stroke rises. However, plaque starts building years earlier. People begin to develop harmful plaque in early adolescence and sometimes even during childhood. The habits we develop during these early years can make a huge difference in our health. By 40 we simply have given the plaque building process enough time to reach a dangerous level.