Posts from October 2011

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Have a Healthy Halloween

It’s never too early to start eating healthier. Kids – and adults – love Halloween goodies, but indulging in piles of these sugary treats is not a good idea whether you are young or old. Eating healthy means maintaining habits through the holiday season. This Halloween try substituting all the candy and cookies for healthier alternatives.

Pressure Cooked Cuban Black Bean Soup

As the weather continues to get colder and fall sets in, many people begin to crave warm, hearty comfort food. Want to find a way to satisfy your craving while maintaining a heart-healthy diet? Try my Cuban Black Bean Soup. It’s a fantastic meal for cold, autumn evenings.

Stressed out? No time for cooking? Then, it is time to cook under pressure!

What do you do when you get home from a busy day and don’t have hours to prepare a meal? Order in? Eat out? Instead of these typical, less-healthy options, try cooking under pressure. Pressure cooking is efficient, reduces energy, shortens cooking time and creates less stress in the kitchen. The newer pressure cookers are not your mother’s model.

Controlling cheese cravings

Whether at a football game, holiday party or eating your favorite comfort food, cheese can easily make eating healthy tricky. Think about it. Pizza, pasta, appetizers, they are usually all piled high with gooey cheese.

Like I always say, you don’t have to deprive yourself to eat heart healthy. Just follow a few of my tips for eating cheeses without having to feel guilty for indulging yourself.