Posts from September 2011

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Score a Touchdown with Heart Healthy Football Stew

Football season is here, which means football parties, tailgates and, of course, a lot of comfort foods. Fall is usually packed with sporting events that offer a variety of fried and fatty foods. But just because you’re getting together with friends and family for the big game, doesn’t mean you can’t have something healthy and mouthwatering.

Phoenix Restaurant Features Heart Healthy Dishes from Cooking with Heart

On September 15, I traveled to Phoenix to share recipes and sign cookbooks at Eli’s American Grille. It was great to cook with and meet so many friendly people from Arizona!

Balancing your meals for heart health

Meat, vegetable, carbohydrate. Sounds like a pretty standard dinner plate, right? This traditional meal combination can be difficult to change. But if you are trying to improve your eating habits, this tradition isn’t the best one to follow.

To make every meal heart healthy you need to make sure to eat foods mostly from the plant kingdom and some from the sea to insure that you are enjoying adequate levels of helpful nutrients.

Remember to build towards the basic rules of heart healthy eating by doing the following:

Enjoy grilling year-round with soapstone

As summer winds down and turns into fall, many people move their cooking back indoors. But I love grilled foods and hate to loose this great cooking option just because the weather is cooling off. But because of soapstone grills, barbeque can be enjoyed year round.

Soapstone is the future of the outdoor grill. Yet it has been around for a very long time. Excavations have shown that soapstone has been used as a grilling surface for centuries. Soapstone really could be considered the first non-stick, natural surface.

Celebrating the fifth season

Celebrate the fifth season

Between mid-August and the end of September is what I like to call the fifth season in Colorado. It’s not yet fall, nor is it fully summer. The heat is slowly subsiding. And cantaloupe is peaking.

Being a “seasonal eater”

A commitment to eating seasonally has very real health benefits and can help you move toward a plant-based foundation diet.