Posts from July 2011

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Be Conscientious when Considering Red Yeast Rice

High cholesterol is a difficult problem many of my patients have to work with. There is a wealth of information online about how to manage cholesterol and reduce it through exercise, eating healthy, medications and supplements. But navigating all the options and finding the best solution for your particular situation can be confusing.

Build Your Portfolio

Many of my heart patients want to find ways to reduce their cholesterol without taking medications with undesirable side effects. My first recommendation is always to start cooking heart-healthy meals. Exciting research from the University of Toronto shows a change in diet to be as effective as taking a starting dose of drugs such as statins.

Meat Alternatives

Adapted from Cooking with Heart– 2nd Edition

There are many reasons to reduce animal proteins in the diet and try to eat more vegetarian sources of protein. A few of those reasons are cholesterol—which is found only in animal products— and saturated fat. Vegetarian diets also offer a number of nutritional benefits, including higher levels of fiber, magnesium, potassium, folate and antioxidants.

Every Kitchen Needs a Mandoline Slicer

I love kitchen gadgets that make my life easier. A mandoline slicer is one of those tools. It’s the right tool for certain jobs – namely, whenever you need to create a lot of uniform slices of fruits or vegetables in a short time.