Posts from June 2011

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Celebrate July 4th with a Healthy Hot Dog Alternative

Healthy Carrot Dog

July 4th is upon us! It’s time to celebrate the birth of our nation, put out the flag, fire up the grill and spend some time with friends and family. This year, surprise your guests with a healthy alternative to an American classic – the hot dog.

What’s Not Healthy About Traditional Hot Dogs

Hundreds of companies around the world make hot dogs, often using their own unique secret recipe. Typically, though, hot dogs include some or all of the following ingredients:

Balance Carbs, Protein and Fat for Better Health

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of a heart-healthy lifestyle. To manage your weight, you need to watch the total number of calories you take in as well as the percentage of calories that come from carbohydrates (carbs), protein and fat. Here’s how to choose the right foods to balance these nutrients for better health.

Choose Buffalo for a Healthier Burger

Buffalo Blue Burger

Few scenes evoke the American west of old more than a vast herd of buffalo grazing on the seemingly endless grasslands of the Great Plains. Those bison were sacred to the Native Americans who looked to them to provide food, clothing and shelter for their families. Today, these huge, shaggy animals provide us with a healthy alternative to beef, pork, poultry and fish – and let you grill up a delicious burger.

Lean and Tasty Meat

7 Tips for Healthy Grilling

The grilling season is upon us! Outdoor grilling is as American as apple pie, but various research studies have identified health risks that can result from grilling foods over high heat. This summer, use the following tips to ensure the grilled foods you prepare are healthier for your family.

Fight High Cholesterol with Plant Sterols and Stanols

Eating foods that contain plant sterols and stanols can lower cholesterol and help reduce the risk of heart disease. But what are these substances, where do you get them and how do they work to promote a healthy heart?