Posts from May 2011

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Contemplating Chuck Wagon Cooking - Then and Now

Bring on the old days of Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger and the Cisco Kid. What ever happened to their colorful sidekicks such as Gabby Hayes and Festus? You remember those characters: the feisty cook, the reticent wrangler or the all-around handy cowboy who supported the leading man.

In movies and TV, the camp cooks were often called “cookie” (for obvious reasons), but real cowboys used other terms, too: bean wrangler, dough pincher, pot wrassler, bean master, biscuit shooter, dough belly and belly cheater, to name a few.

Phoenix Food Demo Featured Frittata – and More

Dr. Richard Collins - The Cooking Cardiologist

What an experience I had conducting a cooking demonstration at a Sears Appliance Store in Phoenix, Arizona! Here are the highlights of my adventure.

Whip Up a Heart-Healthy South Denver Omelet

South Denver Omelet

No one really knows where the Denver omelet originated – maybe in Denver, but maybe not. In fact, any number of food items, including Rocky Mountain oysters and big-game buffalo and elk, are claimed to have originated in the West when that might not, in fact, be the case.

Some food historians say that the Denver omelet is a variation of eggs foo young and out on the trail on cattle drives, Chinese cooks were hired to fix the tasty dish for the cowboys. The Denver omelet is sometimes known as the western omelet or the Denver sandwich.

Read Those Food Labels to Help You Eat Right

Read Those Food Labels

Nutrition labels and ingredient lists on foods and beverages are handy tools to help you eat right. For that reason, we’ve included nutrition information with each recipe we post on The Cooking Cardiologist website (and in our cookbooks) using a Nutrition Facts Label format. Let’s take a closer look at the nutrients you need to monitor most.