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Are you cooking the health out of your food? Top cardiologist’s kitchen secrets

Inflammation is the body’s natural, temporary, healing response to infection or injury. But if the process fails to shut down when it should, inflammation becomes chronic – and tissues are injured by excess white blood cells and DNA – damaging free radicals. The result? Elevated risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis and other diseases.

Equipping a heart-healthy kitchen

Improper food preparation, rather than the ingredients themselves, can drive a recipe into an unhealthy state. In America, we are very tough on our food. We want it fast, deep fat fried, flame-broiled, blackened, and high-heat sautéed. In Europe, cooking techniques are more gentle: poaching, slow cooking, steaming, baking and simmering. I always believe that we should eat with awareness, but more importantly, we should cook with attentiveness. Take for example olive oil. When heated beyond its smoke point, free radicals are formed and the oil degrades becoming far worse than a trans fat.