Cook well, live long.

Take it from a cardiologist—it really is that simple. More than 20 years ago I started experimenting with teaching heart patients how to eat for happiness and longevity. In the kitchen, I never preached deprivation—I showed them how to enjoy eating and their health improved! They strengthened their hearts, they kicked diabetes, they slimmed down, but most important—they began to truly savor life.

Good food, cooked well, will help lengthen your life. And I’ve made it my mission to show people how to enjoy every meal. Apart from my whisk-o-scope, this website is my most valuable tool. Here you can download original recipes (complete with nutrition facts!), read up on everything from soup to nuts in my Cardiologist Notes blog, and familiarize yourself with all the food, cooking and medical lingo you’ll ever need to know in the glossary. Pull up a chair!

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Get keen for quinoa!

Not keen for quinoa? Kale makes you pale when it’s dished up on your plate?

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